Chores for Kids

Beautiful little boy sweeping the floor. 

  Chores for Kids Each school year, chores change for each child based on their grade and maturity level. As a mom, you know what your child can or can’t handle.  Middle school girls can do their own laundry…middle school boys?  That’s questionable.  And I always have to remind myself,

Eating at restaruants

Here are some simple ideas to help keep your restaurant experience from being ruined and also keep peace with the other customers. Try them and let us know what works with your child. 1. Practice at home first. 2. Choose your restaurant carefully. 3. Respect your kids’ attention span. 4. Time it

First-Aid Course for Parents

We had a First-Aid course for parents today. Our own Mr. Bryan is a retired EMT/B and firefighter both in the US Air Force and civilian life in Florida and Niagara Falls, NY. He gave parents pointers on what to do in these situations: 1. preventable accidents 2. nosebleeds 3. cuts & scrapes 4. p