General Questions

How much is tuition?
Tuition for our full time course is ¥40,000 a month (tax inclusive). We are a registered Ninkagai Hoiku Shisetsu. As of March 2023: If the mother is working, you may qualify for subsidies (¥¥) from your city which pay tuition / daycare costs.. Please check with your local city office for details.
Do you have after-hours care?
We have after-hours care available from 2:00~4:30 daily. ask for further details.
What are the staff qualifications?
As a registered Ninkagai Hoiku Shisetsu, we always have staff on site who are daycare teachers (hoikushi) licensed by the national government.
Is there a sleep or rest time?
Since our regular hours are only 9:15~2:00, we do not have a sleep or rest time.
What kind of curriculum do you follow?
Our goal is for students to be able to communicate in English both verbally and in writing upon graduation. They will learn to read, write, and speak English. Emphasis is on comprehension and the ability to express oneself. For details by year, see class explanations.
What about lunch?
You have the option of bringing your own lunch from home (ask about guidelines), or you can order from Yochien Kyushoku, who will deliver bentos daily. You can also mix and match home-made and Kyushoku to fit your needs. Ask for more details.
Do you have a yard for outdoor play?
We have over 1,300 square meters (400 tsubo) of land at Kiwi Kids. Plenty of space for kids to run and play. They enjoy the swings, slides, grass and a sandbox at playtime. They use jumpropes, hula hoops and soccer balls for group and individual fun.

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